Our Program

The Maskwacis Outreach School offers programs to the students that are modified to accommodate the individual needs of each of the students outside of a traditional educational setting. The school serves to reach students who cannot attend a regular 5 day week school program. Students attend this school at a time and day that empowers them to take responsibility for their education. They are scheduled to meet with a teacher to work on learning modules. We utilize many of the Alberta Distance Learning Centre materials with individual modification to allow for independent study. Students receive individual teaching and their work is marked on site. The school provides opportunity to obtain an education in a small, personal, and friendly environment. Because relationship building is a key factor in the program, it is essential to create a non-confrontational and preventative approach.

The Maskwacis Outreach School embraces each student’s needs and differences and formulates programs to increase their overall well-being.

Maskwacis Outreach School is an alternative school, which means we have flexible attendance, alternative assessment, no classes, no periods, and no semesters. All learning is module based and one to one with your teacher. Maskwacis Outreach School is not a correspondence school – you must meet face to face with your teachers at least twice a week – more often is strongly recommended. Most students are successful if they come to work at school two or three times a week for two or three hours each visit. Once you have met with your teachers you are free to stay and work, or go home to do your schoolwork. If you are looking for a full-time program all day, every day, you should attend Nipisihkopahk or another local High School. We offer a unique educational program allowing for continuous progress in a personalized and individualized learning environment.

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